40 Winks for You - Spray

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We know you’ve got plenty of worries to keep you up at night. Don’t let addictive prescription sleep medications become one of them!

At Frankie and Myrrh, we wanted to create a natural sleep aid that would kick you AND your chronic insomnia on your behinds… in a gentle, soothing way of course.

Lavender essential oil was our first and most obvious choice, since it’s famous for its calming properties. Chamomile packs an extra soothing punch. We then added vetiver oil, a lesser-known but no less powerful anxiety and nerve soother. Its earthy base notes help ground both the flowery top notes and an anxious mind (vetiver has even been suggested to reduce restlessness in those with ADHD). Frankincense finishes off this scent, adding a warm, honey-like note that’s sure to whisk you off to Dreamland.

Spray on your pillow or your eye mask before you hit the hay. You’re sure to get plenty of zzzzzzz’s...

 2.0 fl oz/ 60 ml spray in a glass bottle.

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