Bamboo Utensil Wrap Set

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This low waste utensil set includes one canvas wrap, a bamboo fork, bamboo spoon, bamboo serrated knife, bamboo straw and a straw cleaning brush. This kit is easy to toss in your bag to make low-impact living a daily reality.

These utensils are great for travel, too! Bamboo utensils are TSA friendly and won’t get you in trouble with airport security, unlike metal utensils. 

Swap it out - if you prefer metal utensils for day to day, just swap out the utensils for some you have a home, or keep the cycle of reuse going and find some nice used ones at your local thrift store. 

The wrap has a water resistant lining to help when you have to put dirty utensils back inside.

Color - bone white (beige) color. Contains 1 complete utensil set. 

Care instructions:

Wrap: hand wash or wash on cold, delicate cycle only with light colors. Line dry.  

Utensils: Hand wash the bamboo utensils. (Using the dishwasher will remove the food safe coating.) Avoid soaking. (Leaving the bamboo utensils soaking in water will cause them to swell and crack.)

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