Black Tourmaline & Selenite Combo Pack

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SELENITE is often used for good luck and protection. Associated with the Crown chakra, it’s great for all kinds of spiritual work. Selenite is soothing and calming and brings about deep tranquility and peace. Place selenite in the Amin corners of a house to repel negative energy. To clear and charge other crystals, place them on or near a piece of selenite. *WILL DISSOLVE IN WATER*

Shamans have been using BLACK TOURMALINE in their healing practices for thousands of years. Interestingly, it can be charged electrically by heating or rubbing and when charged, it has both positive and negative sides (like a magnet!) Black Tourmaline is used to balance all seven chakras, for good luck & protection, and to ward off negative energy. It’s also very effective at protecting against radiation and EMFs.

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