Chakra Lava Bracelet

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The chakra diffuser bracelet features multiple colored stones, each representing one of the 7 chakras of the body. These chakras are the areas in our body that energy flows through, and it is said that an imbalance in these energy flows can disrupt our health and well being. Each of the stones in our chakra bracelet have been traditionally used to promote the energy flow through all 7 chakras. When combined with the powers of aromatherapy, this bracelet can help you create a sense of balance and well being throughout your body.

To pair the properties of your bracelet with the benefits of aromatherapy, simply add 1-2 drops of essential oil to the lava beads and enjoy! The porous surface of the lava rock acts as a natural wick and absorbs the essential oils, diffusing them gradually throughout the day. For best results, re-apply your favorite essential oils every 12-24 hours. 


Note: only use essential oils that are safe for topical application.


Materials: lava stone, turquoise, synthetic amber, red carnelian, purple agate, dyed magnesite, blue agate.


Care instructions: If you wish to change scents, wash your bracelet gently with warm water and soap to remove any excess essential oil. 

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