ClearLife Extra Strength Allergy Tablets (60 ct)

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ClearLife Extra Strength tablets relieve: Allergic eczema, runny itchy nose, sneezing, itchy watery eyes, allergic rhinitis, hay fever & ragweed allergies, nasal congestion & sinus pressure, itchy throats and allergy-related headaches.

RELIEF 24/7 -- Non-natural allergy medicines can cause drowsiness (not great in the day). Others cause jitteriness or anxiety (not great at night). Natural ClearLife has none of these side effects so it’s great day and night.  Fast-acting tablets for convenient relief whenever symptoms start.  Safe to be taken daily, or as needed during symptom flare ups.  No known interactions with your other medications.

FDA – Our FDA-inspected facility strictly follows the FDA’s pharmaceutical quality standards.

Contains fifteen active allergy-relievers.  This formula is designed boldly and comprehensively to provide maximum relief … from a wider range of allergies … in all geographic regions … on both outdoor and indoor allergies … day and night.  New ClearLife Extra Strength contains over 50% more actives than regular-strength ClearLife. If you were to purchase each of these homeopathic ingredients individually, it would cost almost $200!

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