Herbal Diuretic (90 ct)

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Every tablet of Herbal Diuretic provides horsetail grass‚ buchu‚ and uva ursi because these herbs might encourage your kidneys to produce more urine. In addition‚ proponents of traditional Ayurvedic medicine believe that asparagus leaf might stimulate urine flow. As a result‚ a water pill like Herbal Diuretic may help address mild abdominal bloating as well as minor swelling in the feet or ankles.


This Progena supplement contains several herbs that could potentially work to flush out small kidney stones (including goldenrod extract)‚ while other herbal extracts like dandelion and clivers might have a gentle detoxifying effect.


Take one to four tablets daily. At the recommended serving size‚ each 90-tablet bottle of Progena’s Herbal Diuretic should last for up to three months.

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