Flax Seed Heating Pad + Cover

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Soothe your muscles after a long day with our flaxseed Heating Pad. We create the covers from 100% cotton flannel. The flaxseed heating pack is made from muslin and can be removed, allowing you to wash the cover.

  • Heat in the microwave to soothe aches and sores
  • Chill in the refrigerator or freezer to help swollen muscles
  • Cover protects the flaxseed heating pack and is removable for easy washing
  • Size is 3.5" x 20", the perfect size for multiple uses
  • Features 100% cotton thread to allow for microwaving
  • Filled with 100% Organic Flax Seeds

Take a little time to relax with our Heating Pads.

*Caution - heat in microwave in increments of no greater than 20 seconds at a time until desired temperature is achieved.

Handmade by Marley's Monsters in Eugene, Oregon.

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