Hello Sunshine - Rollie

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This is the Rollie version of our popular spray, Hello Sunshine. I love Bergamot. Can't get enough of it. Bergamot is the perfect smell to me. Citrus and fruity, like a ray of sunshine, when I smell it.

Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) has the fresh, sweet, citrus scent that is familiar to many as the flavoring in Earl Grey tea. It has a long history of use for oily and troubled skin. Hello Sunshine is mainly Bergamot, but we've added Rose and Lemon to boost its ability to kick-start your spirits.

Hello Sunshine is never overpowering like synthetic perfumes. Wear on your pulse points. Contains Jojoba and Fractionated Coconut oil for superior absorption of the essential oils into your skin.

10 mL / .33 oz.

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