Serenity Now - Rollie

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Smells like meditating in Tahoe. We often say that Serenity Now!!! is like having "camping in a bottle." I love all our blends, but this is definitely one of my personal favorites. When I smell it, I imagine I'm in the woods alone, relaxed, and nobody is bothering me.

Made with relaxing frankincense, spruce, and orange. Smells like woodsy silence.

Be sure to breathe in aroma. This essential oil blend is perfect for times when you need mindfulness and relaxation. The frankincense essential oil contained in the blend helps with relaxation and slowing down breathing, making this the perfect blend for meditation, yoga, spiritual ceremonies, etc. You can roll the oil on your pulse points, temples or simply open the cap and sniff. Serenity Now can be used as a woodsy perfume or cologne and is never overpowering like synthetic perfumes or colognes.

10 mL / .33 oz.

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