Our Story


I get asked quite a bit; why did you start Monarch Health and Wellness Boutique? What is your motivation behind the brand? And the answers are simple…My Family.


I want to take a moment to tell you who we are, where we came from and where we are going. I was born in a little town called Metairie, Louisiana and when I was four years old, we moved to Texas. I am a wife and mother of two boys and come from a professional business background of 17 years, which includes time at Weatherford Int’l., Boeing and most recently NASA where I spent 9 years coordinating domestic and international deployments for their High-Altitude Research Aircraft program.


My interest in health and wellness really took off when our oldest son began having stomach problems in 2014 at just 9 years old which were troublesome enough to adversely affect his schoolwork and social life. When he was diagnosed as being lactose intolerant our lives instantly changed. And as a mom, I could not stand seeing my child in pain…doing nothing was not an option so we climbed aboard the hunt for the best solution. We knew that we did not want him on strong pharmaceuticals for any long period of time, so I began to research not only the lactose issue but my family’s overall health. The first thing we changed was our diet and it was not something we could expect him to do alone. It turned out to be the perfect time to establish a proper diet for all of us as well as our youngest son who was just a toddler at the time. Over a short period of time, our first son began to show significant improvements. His severe stomach cramps diminished and his school and social life improved. We were all feeling better and noticed a significant improvement in our immune systems as our typical doctor visits were now few and far between.


In 2017, our family fell in love with Kingwood and shortly after, we picked up and moved. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The health consciousness of the community fit, hand-in-glove, with our lifestyle direction. I had the opportunity to consult with and learn from someone with powerful energy and who proved to be an amazing source of health wisdom, Mrs. Judy Redding. She cared about her customers. Really cared. And they knew it. Before her store in Kingwood closed, Natural Kitchen, she had become a fixture in the community with a 40-year history of true care. She understood the delicate balance between the normal human exposures in life and the overall needs and available natural remedies. Her doctrine was simple. Minimize your exposures, maximize your general health. This proved invaluable to us when our second son began showing signs of hyperactivity, affecting his activities at school and at home. I did not think it could be his diet, we had transitioned to a clean, healthy lifestyle. With the help of Ms. Judy, his teachers and our friends, we put our heads together and decided on a plan of action. I was shocked to find out that he had a high sensitivity to added sugar and most food labels proved to be very deceiving.


This was the spark that ignited my pursuit in creating a positive, trustworthy space for true healing. First, for my family and then to share with others all that we have learned and overcome. Our mission is simple:

To find responsibly sourced, sustainable products that are good for MIND BODY PLANET in order to provide the best for my family and share these products with my community. We strive to be a planet conscious, “One-Stop Shop” boutique for products with a purpose. We remain committed to educating our community on high quality supplements and healthy, safer alternatives to everyday products.


We are Monarch Health and Wellness Boutique.


*written by My Pops and edited by Rachel Kay*