Silver Tongue Oral Care , 4oz

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Silver Tongue Oral Care is a highly effective natural mouthwash. It is carefully crafted with premium ingredients to deliver excellent results. It also tastes great with essential oils of cinnamon, peppermint and myrrh. Plus, it does not burn like a typical mouthwash from harsh ingredients like alcohol and synthetic agents.

Key properties

  • Safe and effective as a daily rinse for optimal oral health
  • Promotes good breath
  • Normalizes microbes in the mouth
  • Made with Colloidal Silver and Essentials Oils
  • Tastes great, plus no harsh burning sensation


Think for a moment how important your mouth is ... It is connected to your throat, which leads to your stomach and lungs. It is interconnected to your ears via your Eustachian tubes, which also connects to your sinuses. Your sinuses surround your eyes and spreads through your forehead - closely sharing blood with your brain. Then, of course, there is your teeth and tongue which are directly housed in your mouth, which affect your ability to eat and speak properly. The mouth and its interconnected regions are very critical for your life.

The mouth is also a dwelling place for many different pathogens. In fact, a very wide variety of destructive pathogens have adapted very particular traits and modes of transmission based on our mouth's complex job and it's relationship to our lives. These pathogens can effect our entire head - our visual and audio senses, our "gyro" (our sense of balance), our mood and state of mind, our ability to breath easy, our ability to taste properly, etc. Keeping pathogens under control in our mouth is very important for health and happiness!

Silver Tongue Oral Care works to balance and promote optimal oral health. Silver Tongue is 100% natural and effective. We're confident you'll notice real results.

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