T-Relief Pet Arthritis Pain Tablets (90ct)

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T-Relief Pet Arthritis is long lasting relief from joint pain and stiffness in pets. It offers temporary relief of minor joint pain and stiffness, and mild impaired mobility such as limping. Pet Arthritis contains Arnica combined with plants and tissue extracts known to alleviate minor arthritis pain and support joint health. Available over the counter and homeopathic so it is safe for your pet. Relief for dogs, cats or horses.


Active Ingredients: Each tablet contains: *Dulcamara 2X 5mg, *Arnica montana 3X 10mg, *Rhus tox 4X 5mg, *Sanguinaria canadensis 3X 0.5mg, *Bryonia 3X 0.3mg, *Cartilago suis 4X 0.3mg, *Sulphur 6X 5mg, *Ledum palustre 6X 4mg, *Bryonia 6X 0.3mg, *Embryo suis 6X 0.3mg, *Funiculus umbilicalis suis 6X 0.3mg, *Placenta suis 6X 0.3mg, *Rhododendron chrysanthum 8X 0.3mg, *Symphytum officinale 7X 0.02mg, *Bryonia 12X 0.3mg *Natural Ingredient

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