T-Relief Pet Calming Tablets (90ct)

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  • NATURAL ANXIETY RELIEF FOR PETS - Relieves mild nervousness, and overexcitability caused by storms, loud noises, travel and other stressful situations. Chamomile plus 9 natural ingredients like Passionflower, Valerian and Ignatia for additional calming.
  • HOMEOPATHIC APPROACH - Homeopathy treats symptoms with a micro dose of an active ingredient to stimulate the body’s own defenses. Our approach combines multiple potent actives, in multiple concentrations for greater relief of more symptoms.
  • THE VERY BEST FOR YOUR PET - Carefully formulated with high-quality natural ingredients which are at safe, homeopathic concentrations.
  • NO STRUGGLE OR TRICKERY REQUIRED - Crushed tablets can be mixed with water or food for easy administration. Dosages provided for dogs, cats and horses from newborn to adults.
  • VETS KNOW BEST - Formula was reviewed and approved by a Veterinarian
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